Northern Legal Services


Ron Hope from Northern Legal Services is extremely proud of his track record. Read testimonials below, or to arrange an appointment, call today.
"Ron Hope is an excellent lawyer: professional, articulate, hard-working, experienced and fearless. I have personally engaged Ron many times in the last 7 years and regularly recommend him to friends, acquaintances and work colleagues who find themselves in need of expert and timely legal advice for one reason or another.

He is generous and fair-minded and sends me detailed bills without fuss as soon as I request them. His wealth of experience coupled with solid negotiating skills has proved invaluable to me and many others. Whenever I have a legal problem Ron is the first person I call."

Ferg Ferguson
"I found dealing with Ron Hope at time when I needed legal advice was excellent. I have used Northern Legal Services for many years now and value their service highly."

Eli Melky
"Ron took on a difficult case for me and went out of his way to ensure I was fully informed of exactly what the situation was at each stage. Even though there were many twists and turns I felt completely confident in both Ron's abilities and his integrity.

I always felt that he had my best interests at heart. I would be happy to recommend Ron to friends and family which is the highest recommendation I can give."